Writing Sharable Content

15 Aug

writing_contentWriting sharable content is the key to increasing your SEO results.  Sharable content means that the same information you write for a blog post will be valuable enough to be shared through social media outlets, on a website, or through email.  For your business learning to write sharable content is important for increasing not only your SEO results but also for increasing visibility for your business in a very online marketplace.  Orangesoda social media writing tips can help you in creating sharable content.  Remember these important points:

    • Have a clear purpose.  Knowing the purpose behind what you are writing is key in making it flow and read correctly.  Look for ways to share information without sounding like an advertisement.  More enjoyable content is not only easier to read, it is often shared more frequently and recalled for much longer periods of time.  Make sure that the content you are writing about is relevant to your business as well as your readers.


    • Catch them with the title.  If you want to get readers to take the time to read what you have written you need to catch them with the title.  A title can offer intrigue as well convey the important points of your message.  If you can’t catch them with your title chances are they won’t read the remainder of the article.  It’s important to keep your title brief as well.  You should be able to sum it up in about five to six words to grab their attention and get them to read further.  Remember as well to keep keywords in mind that you can use in your title.


    • Original and relevant content.  The most important factor in making anything you write more sharable or more likely to be shared is to make it valuable to the reader.  Offering original and relevant content not only means your readers will want to take the time to read, they will feel that that investment of time is something best shared with others.  Quality content can often prompt for action whether in the form of a continued conversation, a like, a share, or a motivation in making a purchase or selection.  Creating relevant and timely content is the most important thing you can focus on in ensuring your writing is sharable.


    • Concise and easy to read.  Writing style plays an important part in how well an article or specific content is received.  Using appropriate language, punctuation, and focusing on clear statements will improve the readability.  Whether you’re writing about an important educational topic or simply writing a humorous story to share focusing on the structure of the content will make it easier to read and understand.


    • Use images.  Adding photos and videos will help to increase the visibility of your writing.  Making your post visually appealing will draw the attention of intended readers as well as helps to break up the monotony of continued text.  When using images make sure they are relevant to the piece you are writing as well as not overpowering or crowding your text.


Writing sharable content ensures that your message will be delivered across many outlets.  With the right combination of details and images your message can be shared in a variety of social media outlets as well as on your website, through blog posts, and through a variety of internet links.  Quality writing that offers important and unique content is the most important factor in creating sharable content across the web.