What You Need to Know About Foundation Repair

26 Dec

foundation repairIt is very unfortunate to find out that one needs ones foundation repaired. This can be costly but one should not put it off for that reason because after all ones biggest investment is sitting on top of it, and if one puts it off, it will only get worse and cost even more money. It is fortunate that even with foundation issues one does not have to tear everything apart and start from scratch, this is a fairly common problem and so there are a couple of different ways to fix this problem. What one should do first is call a foundation repair Houston company to get an estimate, and to get the right professional on the job.

Two common approaches are common for fixing sunken foundations, which are slab jacking and piering.  With Slab jacking, one plugs the space underneath the slab with a grout mixture that will float the foundation back up to its original place. Piering is when one fixes the issue by placing supports underneath the concrete that will lift and support it.  Other methods include:

-Concrete piers are columns made of concrete that are fashioned by boring holes into the earth and pouring liquid concrete in them.

-Roof barriers are any type of object that are used as a barrier to keep the roots from growing where they are not wanted.

-Concrete pilings are concrete columns that are pushed into the ground under the foundation.

-Soil injection is a toxic water soluble chemical that is inserted into the ground under the building, which helps the chemicals inhibit the ability to absorb water when it rains so that the soil doesn’t swell up.

To some all of these methods may seem simple and some may be even tempted to try to do it themselves, but since one is dealing with one’s biggest investment which is ones house it is probably a good idea to hire a professional to fix the issue so that one can be assured that it was fixed properly. Finding the right professional can seem like a lot of work too, but one does need to make sure that one hires the best so that the problem is hopefully fixed for good. There are not too many homeowners that have had foundation problems so a great place to find one is probably online.

When searching for a contractor online it is important to read the testimonials and to run a search on the company just to see what type of information one might find about them. There is always going to be some negative information but it is important that there is a lot more good than bad. After one has found a couple of them one should have them give an estimate so that one can choose the contractor that will best suit ones needs.