What Makes Hair Curly

20 May

curly_hairFor those women whose hair is naturally curly, there is no need to do a lot of styling. As for the others, they have no choice but to get a hair stylist. What makes hair curly? Many a times you gaze in amazement at movie starts and beauty models. You keep wondering how on earth they go their hair to look so beautiful. Even TV anchors do come in front of the screening looking stunning. Here is some information that will provide answers as to why hair gets curly:

The shape of follicle

Hair grows a skin cavity known as follicle. If you have curly hair, it means you have got hooked follicles. On the other hand, if your hair is straight, the shape of your follicle is straight.

Keratin and sulfur

Hair strands are made up of protein otherwise known as Keratin. It is responsible for the straight or curvy patterns you see on hair. Keratin is linked to some atoms consisting of sulfur. The more of sulfur an individual has, the more curly your hair will be. Therefore, you can authoritatively attribute curly hair to the presence of sulfur atoms.

Genetic makeup

Curly hair is also a product of genes. There are families whose offspring has a high concentration of sulfur in their hair strands. The children in that family will have their hair bring of the same type. Scientific studies have also shown that hair follicles influence whether hair will be straight or curly. The way a follicle is shaped will determine the curvaceous nature of naturally curly hair. People with this type of hair do have hooked ends on hair follicles appearing near the scalp. The contrary is true in straight hair cases.

Recessive and dominant genes

In the classification of genes, there are those that are said to be recessive and others dominant. What this simply means is that, if you inherit two genes for one trait, there will be a trait that will be more distinct than its opposite counterpart. The distinct gene is said to be dominant while the other one is recessive. Genes for straight hair are dominant over those for curly hair.

Taking care of the curl

Now that you know the science behind it, the next part is about maintaining that curl.  The secret lies in the use of curly hair products. For instance, if your hair is curly but dry, you should not use products containing alcohol. They will damage your hair and deprive it of moisture. You do not have to wash it on a daily basis. When you do, condition it. Curly hair is supposed to be subjected to less heat and little use of chemicals. Once you know this, management becomes easy.