What It Takes To Become A Masseuse

19 Aug

masseuseA career as a masseuse offers people a way to help others relieve stress, heal injuries, and alleviate pain with therapeutic massage. The person is a wellness professional who is able to give massages that are a benefit to clients. Massages can help reduce pain, ease anxiety, and aid in relaxation. A series of steps is necessary to become a professional masseuse. Completing a massage training program is the fist step to complete followed by obtaining a license.

Provisional License

Students studying to become a masseuse can get a provisional license. This is an in-between step that is available in some states after students have graduated from a massage training program, but are not yet fully licensed. People with a provisional license work under another licensed professional. They follow a set of guidelines set by the state until they pass their licensing exam. A provisional license may not be available in every state.

State Regulation

The regulation for a masseuse depends on state laws. States have rules and regulations that will include working 200 to 1,000 hours before taking a licensing exam. A few states do not have any regulations to practice as masseuse. One of the most regulated states for a masseuse is New York. This state will have regulations that start at accredited schooling and carry over to the state-wide licensing or board exam to obtain a valid license.

Applying to Schools

States, such as New York, have schools that offer message therapy programs. Many programs are up to six months long. The applications process will typically involve interviews, submitting applications, an individual background check, getting an actual massage, and more interviews. The process is often just as involved as applying for other programs at local colleges and universities. Students will need to find massage schools in Michigan and figure out their application requirements.

The Human Body

Students in a massage therapy program learn various aspects of the human body. This includes how the muscles in the body interact with different systems. They will also learn how to perform the techniques that are used while studying the physiology and anatomy of the human body.

School Days

Massage schools in Michigan may vary from schools in other states. Most students will have a day that is packed with various classes. Science will be mixed in with hands on training. Public clinics may also be held in the evening. There is also time needed to study as quizzes often follow each day of class.

Many people who think they have what is takes to become a masseuse will begin a program, but fail to finish. A masseuse is an expert who does more than rub the back of their clients.