What is Workmans Comp Fraud

5 Nov

workerscomp.252123630_stdWorkers compensation is something that many businesses have to deal with when their employees get injured while on the job. Most of the time the employees who are filing workers compensation claims are doing so because they suffered a legitimate injury during the course of their regular work day. Sometimes a worker tries to get out of fulfilling their duty as an employee and files a fraudulent claim.  It’s often easy to figure out which claims are suspicious because the workers that file them fail to do their homework. They miss steps and cut corners to shorten the amount of time it takes for them to get their money. Occasionally, a bogus claim comes along that looks like all of the other ones that get approved. The workers who fall into the category of committing workers compensation fraud are often well-informed about the laws in their state. They know how to make their accident seem like it was the fault of their employer and how to adapt their claim so it seems more believable.

Fraud in workers compensation costs employers millions of dollars on an annual basis. Larger corporations have a staff of lawyers for the purpose of combatting claims that should never been filed. Between what companies are shelling out to honor fraudulent claims and contest them when it’s obvious which ones need to be looked at, the amount of money that’s going around in this situation is staggering. Before you start a business that has the potential to be risky enough to lead to numerous workers compensation claims, you need to become more informed about the topic. Many websites are out there that provide resources to help all parties involved in this situation to become more informed, but none of them rival the completeness of the information claimwire.com carts out. They’re constantly combing through all of the available databases to come up with the most up-to-date data possible. If a worker or employer neglects to do the proper amount of research, the consequences they have to deal with should come as no surprise. It’s not difficult to go to a website and read some resources to better inform yourself.

The thought that some suspicious workers ruin the chance of people getting their claims honored in a timely manner is sad to say the least. Employers always have their guard up and remain on the lookout for employees who are trying to hire suspicious claims. They might overextend themselves and try to deny the rights of workers who need the compensation. Sometimes an employer doesn’t want to do the right thing and honor claims that are inarguably legitimate. Workers compensation claims, whether they’re legitimate or fraudulent, are going to cost employers a fortune regardless of their willingness to admit it.  When the economy is ready to bottom out, companies are looking for any way to save money. Cutting back on workplace safety should be at the bottom of the list of expenses to cut. If anything, a company should invest more in safety than they ever have. Employees will appreciate the fact that you decided to make an investment in their safety.