What is SEO?

5 Jun

SEOWhat is SEO?
SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and is a process used with enterprise SEO tools and resources that greatly assist in improving your “Organic” results in search engines. Speaking strategic and statistically, the higher your page rank is in the search engines, the more visitors your business will receive from search engine users. For instance, all of the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing show websites listed in order from the most relevant to the least relevant based on a users search query. SEO can be targeted in multiple forms including but not limited to: Web searches, internet imagery, local searches, news feeds, and even sports.

As an enterprise internet marketing strategy, SEO really understands how the search engines are operated. SEO identifies what internet users are searching for and pairs them up with websites that have targeted the specific keywords that were used in the search by the user. Optimizing your website requires very specific and detailed knowledge of HTML source coding of all your website’s content. With proper HTML coding to your content you can bypass the barriers of indexing and increase the relevancy to keywords of your choice, thus ranking you higher in the search engines for specific key terms. SEO tactics can also include the increase of your back-linking and in-bound-links. This is simply the exchange of links received from one web node to another.

What is a SEO Company?
A SEO company is typically run by business marketing and technical professionals who’ve succeeded in promoting multiple websites and ranking them higher in search engines using specific keywords to better target potential customers. SEO companies often work in-house and consult with website owners to optimize their website’s for higher search engine ranking. Sometimes SEO servicing companies offer packages that include complete website development with marketing managers, but you can still find stand alone services that only offer website search engine optimization by itself without any other service.

Sometimes it may even make the whole search engine optimization process easier if you buy a packaging deal with website creating included. I say this because SEO often requires major detailed changes in the website’s HTML source coding and the site’s content, and most of the time better results are achieved if SEO tactics are incorporated in your website’s design. It often may end up costing you more money if you already have a website and it’s design has to be re-constructed.

It’s simple why SEO is an imperative decision for a business that wants to reach out to a wider targeted audience and potential customers. SEO offers your website the ability to find it’s way onto the top pages of all the major search engines that users are using everyday to look for your services or products.