What Happens When You Get A Tattoo

9 May

tattooA tattoo is a beautiful artistic piece that stays with people for their entire lives. However, many people are scared of what happens when they get a tattoo. It is really not a frightening process, and those who relax will experience less pain than those who are very tense. It can also be fun for those who have been looking forward to getting a great tattoo for a long time.

What happens first when getting a tattoo depends on the type and size of tattoo a person wants. Tattoo parlors in Lafayette LA prefer to have larger pieces drawn out and discussed beforehand, to make sure that it is exactly what a person wants. People who want a smaller tattoo can simply describe what they want, bring in a picture of their desired tattoo or pick the tattoo out of a book at the tattoo parlor. Then the tattoo artist will usually draw out the tattoo on a piece of paper, and then put it on a special type of paper which will adhere to the skin and leave an outline of the tattoo for the artist to fill in.

In some cases, a tattoo artist may also have to shave the area before they begin the tattoo. They will ask a person if they like where the outline has been placed, and if not they will try again until they find a place where the tattoo looks good. Once all of this has been done, the artist can begin the actual tattoo. Those who are very nervous may experience more pain than those who are relaxed once the tattoo starts. It does hurt, many say that it feels a lot like getting scratched by a cat. The most painful part of the tattoo is usually the black outline around the tattoo. Once that has been finished, tattoo artists will move on the colored parts of the tattoo if there are any.

Once the tattoo is done, artists will give people the instructions in order to properly take care of their tattoo. One important thing to remember is to never expose tattoos to sunlight, as this can cause it to fade and make the colors look distorted. Also, there are certain creams which can be applied to the tattoo to keep the colors vibrant for a long time. After the tattoo has been finished, a tattoo artist will often have a waiting period for everything to set, and then will have the person come back in to touch up the tattoo. This is what is going to happen when people decide to get a tattoo.