What can Cause Mechanical Errors?

5 Feb

What can Cause Mechanical Errors?When a system of machines includes both mechanical and electrical parts, as it always does, it is quite difficult to tell whether an error is a result of a mechanical or an electrical failure. There are, however, some common circumstances that can cause for mechanical errors and we will take a look at them through the following examples:

  • Mechanical jams.

Sometimes if a machine is not regularly cleaned and inspected for jams, parts of various materials and substances can get in it`s way and obstruct the work of the drive chain or belt. For example, it is a very common situation when a washing will start to sound louder than usual with the immediate reaction of the owner being that it is “broken”. Most of the times the reason for the excessive noise is a piece of material stuck in the drain pump which makes the motor work harder in order to drive the belt. By simply removing the obstruction the motor will return to it`s regular functioning and the problem will be solved.

  • Inadequate spare parts.

If a machine is maintained with low quality parts not originally built for that purpose than the likelihood of a malfunction increases significantly. Low quality parts are more sensitive to contaminants such as dust and moisture, and will often provide poor sealing that can cause for a domino effect in a machine`s work process.

  • Design errors.

Mechanical, design errors account for one of the most common causes for plane crashes. Sometimes design flaws such as the one with the latch of the cargo door on the Turkish Airlines flight in 1974, can cause for catastrophic events. Another tragedy happened to a Nigerian flight in the year of 1995 because of a flawed wing design. Design errors in the civil engineering industry as well, can have great costs in the sense of accidents, failures and the loss of lives.

Whenever there is a project that involves mechanical engineering in any of it`s forms there is always the possibility of errors and machine failure. If such an accident occurs or if you want to make sure it doesn`t in the first place, the best thing you can do is to hire a forensic mechanical engineering company that will access all the risks or evaluate the damage and the causes of the failure that just happened. In order to do just that, you will have to do your own bit of research. For example, if your business is located in the City of St. Louis, just type in forensic mechanical engineering St. Louis in your favorite search engine and you will narrow down your search to the companies offering mechanical engineering assistance in your local area.