What Can a Tooth Doctor Do For You

4 Jun

tooth_doctorAre you dissatisfied with the alignment of your teeth and want them to be more even? Are you interested in regular dental cleaning of your teeth? Do you want your teeth to have that extra gleam so that they instantly make you cynosure of all eyes? You have so many exciting options in the highly advanced world of dentistry today, and most of your issues can be resolved in a good clinic. Even if you are afraid of visiting a dentist, a reputable clinic will address those fears and would ensure that you are comfortable.

So what are the services that you can expect at a dental clinic? Well, you can expect wide range of services from filling cavities to restoring your badly damaged teeth, to tooth whitening to shaping them to improve the quality of your smile. Let’s have a close look at some of the services offered by a good dental clinic:

* Preventive care-In preventive care, the tooth doctor will perform cleanings, fluoride treatment, mouth guarding and applying sealants for preventing teeth related issues. They also perform routine checkup to ensure that there are no cavities or other teeth related issues.

* Restorative services- Dentists offer restorative services for teeth that have already been damaged. They include crowns, fillings, implants, caps, dentures, and various other restorative services. They do not restore the natural teeth, but put something worthwhile in the patient’s mouth that reduces the impact of damaged teeth.

* Periodontal services-These services relate to the bones in the gums and mouth. The mouth bone diseases, gum surgery and treatments are all classified as periodontal services.

* Oral surgery/Endodontic-In orgal surgery/Endodontic, dentists perform advanced dental procedures on their patients. Some of these include biopsies of oral cancer, extraction of teeth, and root canals. If your tooth doctor does not offer these services, then he or she may refer you to an alternative clinic.

* Cosmetic dentistry- In cosmetic dentistry, dental work is carried out by a dentist for enhancing the appearance of a person. Some of the procedures include teeth whitening, reshaping, dental bridges, bonding and so on. Most of these procedures help in improving the person’s smile, but they do not improve the functionality of their teeth.

* Orthodontics- In this service, tooth doctor will align your teeth using braces, retainers and various other teeth movement procedures.

* Sedation dentistry- For some people, visit to a dentist is the worst nightmare. Some intensive treatments require use of blades and needles. Sedation dentists use special means to sedate their patients for difficult treatments. This treatment is best for kids, elderly and all those who are uncomfortable in a dental clinic.