Ways to Save Money

22 Jan

Ways to Save MoneyThe need for tools to be able to accomplish your home and yard projects can be incredibly expensive to buy out of pocket. Instead of wasting away money on tools that you may never use again it is best to rent. Big projects like home remodels require a lot of different tools to be able to do the job right. Buying each of the tools needed is not only expensive but then after the project is done what happens to the tools? Having a lot of different types of tools may seem like a dream to a lot of men. But, really, where are all of these tools going to be kept after the project? Most likely these expensive tools will only be used a few times than be destined to live out the remainder of their lives collecting dust and taking up space in a garage or shed. Even smaller projects like painting an interior or exterior of a home can require an assortment of tools to ease the task and create a better finished product. Painting may be something that is done a couple of times for the life of the house but it could require equipment that can get the job done easier, things like extended ladders, scaffolds or paint sprayers. Unless your job requires the use of certain tools every day it is best to rent these on an as need basis.

So what type of tools can be rented?

  • Power Hand Tools
  • Larger Power Tools
  • Pressure Washers
  • Saws
  • Ladders and scaffolds
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Hydraulics
  • Generators

What every project tool is needed, chances are it is available to rent. Hardware rentals are not just the typical power tools like, power washers, drills, saws and things of that nature but hardware rentals also have other things that you may not realize that could help. Things like:

  • Safety Items- glasses, hard hats, gloves, ear plugs
  • Barricades and traffic directing things like cones and tape

Then there is more:

  • Automotive Tools- floor jacks, cherry pickers, engine hoists, jacks, wrenches
  • Propane items- barbeque, heaters
  • Painting Supplies- brushes, extenders

Before spending a small fortune on buying every tool you may need, or trying to find a neighbor or friend that has the product check for local hardware store that will rent products out. Rentals can range from by the hour, day or extended times. The benefits of being able to rent tools and equipment that is needed for your various tasks will save you money, clear up space in your home and save money on not having to replace any broken or out of date equipment. Equipment that isn’t used often is at a greater risk of becoming damaged and dirty. For your next project rent don’t buy