Traveling in Large Cities

17 Feb

Traveling in Large CitiesIf you are anything like me you enjoy traveling. However, one might be a bit apprehensive if they have never been to a certain big city before about getting around without getting lost. I find it fascinating how different major cities have different means of transportation and prefer different means of getting around. Take Seattle for instance. Although a decent sized city, most people still drive their car, or use the bus system to get around downtown. Both are easy and convenient. Traffic isn’t too bad so driving your own car is sometimes preferable. When I worked downtown Seattle and commuted in from the suburbs, I preferred to utilize the bus system because then I didn’t have to drive or deal with parking which can always be a little rough in a larger city mainly because of the lack of parking.

San Francisco is another story. It has been noted that your feet can be your best friend. A lot of the popular spots you don’t want to miss such as Union Square, Chinatown and Fisherman’s Warf are situated within walking distance of each other. If you choose to walk, make sure to have on comfortable shoes because a lot of the streets can be steep, so get ready for a decent workout! If you prefer not to walk, public transit is always an option. Also in San Francisco there are buses, streetcars, cable cars and even a subway to help you maneuver your way around town. Getting a pass might be helpful in helping you save money. Although many people enjoy taking the subway, I’ll admit it isn’t my favorite mode of transportation. To me I get a bit claustrophobic and it is normally humid down there. It can however be a quick and cheap means for commuting from one end of the city to another.

Another mode of transportation that people enjoy using to navigate the San Francisco is biking. Drivers are used to this and are found to be quite accommodating to bicyclists. If you choose this mode of getting around, please remember to follow proper safety measures such as wearing a seatbelt, using lights when dark, and practicing the hand signals. Like most large cities taxi cabs are also a familiar sight in places such as San Francisco and New York City. I find walking is also a great option if you are in New York City. The blocks aren’t that big, and since it is so busy walking is sometimes the quickest way to get from point A to point B. Plus by walking you get to experience all the noise and activity first hand and get the whole experience that you otherwise might have missed by not walking.

What about DC? I have never been there and it is somewhere I have always wanted to go. It is similar to San Francisco and New York in that you can utilize walking, buses, taxis or even the subway to get around. Aside from transportation, the main reason you are travel usually is to sight see. There are many such places for that in DC. If you are wanting a more authentic experience however take time to check out pawn shops DC and you’ll be in for a sight to behold.