Training Your Dog

22 May

Training your dog is an important part of being a responsible pet owner. There are many methods of training your dog that you can read about vonline. Books are another great option for learning more about training canines. Training your dog on how to behave on a leash can be difficult without the proper tools. A half check collar is a great negative reinforcement tool that won’t hurt your dog. These collars are designed to harmlessly choke your dog if he pulls or struggles against the leash. The collar will loosen up when the dog has stopped pulling against it. This makes it a very humane tool to use when training your dog.

Positive reinforcement when your dog is doing what you want will also help in the training process. You should carry around a plastic bag filled with dog treats to use when you want to encourage certain behaviors. This will connect behavior you want to encourage with something good happening for the dog. Giving a dog too much praise and affection can be dangerous though. Make sure you only give affection when the dog is in a submissive state of mind. If you reward an excited dog, you might be reinforcing behaviors you don’t want.

Many breeds require a lot of exercise to calm them down and put them in a receptive state for training. Taking your dog on walks through hiking trails is a great idea if you have them in your area. Visiting a dog park with your pet can teach him how to react normally around other people and dogs. Staying calm when your dog goes to interact with another person or animal will give them the cue to do the same.

Using a leash indoors can help to train your dog. This will teach him that putting on a leash isn’t a negative experience. Try putting the leash on your dog before feeding him or giving him affection to associate it with positive experiences. This can lead to the dog reacting calmly when on the leash outside. This will also allow you to get the leash any time you want your dog to calm down and be submissive. This can work wonders on dogs that get excited and bark when visitors are at the door.

Training an animal is a serious commitment you have to make as a pet owner. When buying a pet for your children, it is important they understand this. Some people just don’t have the time to keep up with proper training. Hiring a professional animal trainer is a great option. Sending your dog to a daycare for animals is another way you can accelerate their training and reinforce positive behaviors.