Tips On Improving Your Facebook Business Page

5 Jun

facebookpageWhen planning your Facebook Business page, you will want to consider the reason your business is up in the first place. A great reason to start this page is to want to start a web community and focus largely on potential customers. Many businesses are now finding that Facebook pages are a great way to communicate with people they need to reach, whether they want to sell a product, build a community or spread opinions. Here are some Facebook business page design tips for your perusal:

Enable Comments

In one sense, most business pages look pretty much same except the graphics and contents. The most recent entry that way made on the page appears on top of the page with previous submissions appearing beneath it in a certain order. Once the number of entries reach a certain limit, the Facebook software archives those entries unless the link to ‘show more’ is clicked. The applications on Facebook enables you to turn on a feature that allows your visitors to comment. The first decision is to make sure that this is important to you – sometimes it may not be at all depending on the type of product or service you are selling. Allowing readers to comment on the subject is the first step to make your business page more interactive.

One Administrator or Many?

Another important decision to make about your Facebook business page is whether you are going to be the only administrator/author who will be making entries of the page, or if you will have someone else to assist you. Having multiple people to manage the page brings in more ideas, but at the same time you may want to make sure that those authors are technical savvy and business oriented.

Give the Final Touch

So you have got a solid page with a lot of bells and whistles. You have also got some fun stuff like videos and audio links about the business going on along with discussion groups and forums on the same page. Once you have added enough traffic to your Facebook business page through external links, you may want to try to monetize that traffic, perhaps by providing a link to your actual products and services or your official website. Anything is possible with a page. And once the page is up and running you may want to safeguard its data and increase its visibility in the world of internet.

Add Photo galleries

Whether it is to share more about your business with your audience or drum up a little interest in your venture, important images that showcase your business enhances your credibility. Facebook makes it easy to upload, save and link images on the web.