Tips on Buying Custom Embroidered Shirts

1 May

Custom-Embroidered-ShirtsMarketing is about knowing your audience. If you have custom embroidered shirts, you should consider how you plan to market them. For example, Hawaiian shirts might work well for a toy company, but they would be a terrible choice for a conservative law firm. You want to make the shirt relevant to your company.

Tip #1 Take Your Time

The better the idea, the greater your chances of success. People will be proud to wear something that has been stylishly designed. One of the golden rules to apply is that it is better to be too conservative with your design than being too wild with it unless your company builds motorcycles.

Tip #2 Exposure is the Goal

If you want to get exposure for your company, then you should take the time to design the shirt well. You don’t want people to buy it, and the shirt just hangs in the closet. Neutral colors — Black and white are usually the best approach to take when designing a shirt because it appeals to a larger audience. You might love lime green, but if it does not appeal to people, then the exposure your business gets will be minimal.

Tip #3 Know the Logo Standards

You should always consider your graphic design. For example, some logos only look good on a limited number of colors. A business should avoid putting their logo on shirt colors that do not complement the logo. If the colors clash, the likelihood of people wearing the shirt is greatly reduced.

Tip #4 Never Cut Corners

Good quality shirts last a much longer time. The embroidery will be more durable and outlast something that was screen printed. The types of threads used for embroidered apparel include: Polyester, rayon and cotton. When it comes to the threads, there will be varying degrees of quality.

Tip #5 Be Wary of Fees

Sometimes the set-up fee is not the only cost you can expect to pay. Sometimes they charge for the cost of shipping and clothing. Always ask upfront if there are other fees involved. If the business uses a third party for custom embroidery, they might charge you to ship the shirts as well. Also, beware of stitch count. Some vendors charge you based on the stitch count, which depends on the intricacy of the design.

Custom embroidered shirts help to provide exposure for your company. If you take the time to design a top-grade shirt, you can expect that it will pay off long term. People recognize high quality, and they are drawn to it like moths to a lantern. Making your shirt appeal to the broadest range of people gives you the best chance of exposure for your business, and it gives you the chance to offer another product to earn money.