Tips for Improving Your Blog

20 Nov

improving your blogHas your Blog traffic seemed to peak?  Does it seem that more people are looking for the easy ways out of Liking something rather than visiting and reading your message?  If you are finding that your Blog is getting less traffic than it used to you may want to consider following a few of these tips to improve it or direct more traffic your way:

  • Use email marketing to increase your audience.  Using html email marketing lists and strategies you can reach wider audiences through unique advertising promotions.  You can also create subscriber lists for current readers to let them know when new posts or important dates for your blog are coming up.
  • Link your blog to a social media or Facebook page for increased traffic.  By linking your blog to a Facebook or social media page you can quickly increase your readership as friends of current readers see your posts and follow the link.  You’ll soon increase both your following on your social media page as well as on your blog.
  • Add labels or tabs for easier navigation.  Make your blog easier and more accessible for readers.  The easier you make it for your readers to navigate through your blog the more time they will spend there.  For instance if you are writing about a variety of subjects be sure to include labels on each post so they can quickly link to topics of interest to them.  If you have a back story that will help new readers, consider creating a tab that allows them to get that info without trying to navigate through the entire blog.  The easier it is to navigate the more they’ll find what keeps them interested and coming back.
  • Be sure you are focused on a main purpose or topic.  While some blogs are more of an online journal and offer human interest stories, still others offer advice and specific tips as they relate to specific items.  If you are writing a blog of this type remember to stay on topic through each of the posts so readers will know consistently what to expect.
  • Finally, make it feel more intimate or connectable to others by livening it up with pictures or video.  When readers feel like they know you they are more likely to keep coming back for updates.  You can make them feel connected using pictures and video posts.

When you’ve found your audience, the key is to keep them engaged.  By making sure that you are following a variety of these tips your audience will continue to find new posts to read, can see pictures and videos, and in turn feel more connected to you as the Blog’s author.  The more invested your readers become the more consistently they will visit and the more they will tell their friends.  When keeping and building an audience it’s also important to consider marketing methods such as email and social media as a way to reach out to current and new readers alike.