The Concept Behind Nardo’s Natural Range of Products

23 Sep

The Concept Behind Nardo's Natural Range of ProductsBeauty products made from artificial chemical compounds contain a lot of water. Actually, this is the first thing you should look out for when buying cosmetics. In essence, you are buying water at a very costly price. On the other hand, the product seems to run out very fast. You can be down to two or three jars of moisturizing oil before you start noticing any difference. The logic here is that by purchasing an organic product, you will have the product with you for a long time. You only need to apply a little each day. The manufacturers of non-organic beauty products use artificial thickeners and fillers in order to keep their products looking and feeling creamy.

  • Natural beauty products are made using raw materials that are freely available in their natural form. Most of the oils grow or are cultivated naturally. The artificial types have their ingredients emanating from a mix of chemicals.

  • Organic products rejuvenate your skin. They also stimulate growth and renewal of body cells. Whatever you apply on the skin is absorbed to the bloodstream. If you use healthy products, they help renew the cells on your skin. This makes you look young. Add this to a healthy diet and you have no reason to wonder why people exclaim at how beautiful you look.

  • In terms of cost, organic skin care products are cheaper. This may sound absurd to some people. Look at it this way. You can buy an organic moisturizer for, say, $9. A similar artificial product may cost around $6. However, the difference stems from the fact that the organic type can last for around three months while the other type can hardly go for two weeks.

  • The more you use products laced with the chemicals, the more these toxins will accumulate in your body. Eventually, you start having kidney problems and other related illnesses. However, organic products are not like that. Instead they bring a healing effect. They also protect your skin from illness. You can use them over a period of time without having to suffer any side effects.

Following increased awareness among consumers, most are now turning their focus to natural skin care products. Studies conducted by numerous institutions reveal that there are a lot of pollutants in the traditional products people use. One such study found traces of over 91 chemicals in urine and blood samples of people who took part. These are alarming statistics that should drive you to switch over from artificial to natural products.

Nardo’s natural beauty products range is made with these considerations in mind. You will find them in major and minor retail outlets. There are those made from vegetable, fruit and herbal extracts. They are made to work with all skin types.