Taking Care of Your Phone

28 Feb

Taking Care of Your PhoneChances are that you paid a pretty little penny for your new cell phone and the last thing you want to have happen is to get it stolen. Follow these simple steps in order to avoid having your cell phone stolen.

First, you will want to get in touch with your cell phone provider service. Ask them as the carrier to conduct a formal investigation into the stolen phone. This not only buys you time to try and retrieve your phone somehow, but can also delay the company from automatically launching a collection effort and you having to cough up a lot of money or have your credit score affected.

Another way to take care of your phone in the event of it being stolen is to file a police report immediately. Someone who has stolen your cell phone can start making international calls and doing other activities to start racking up your phone bill in just a short amount of time. By filing a police report it is evidence to a cell phone provider that the phone was indeed stolen rather than simply being lost. If you find that the service provider is taking their sweet time in suspending service on your phone or disabling your phone number and the bill is racking up in the meantime, threaten to file a complaint with the Federal Communication Commission if they won’t cover the bill for their slow action in dealing with the situation. A police report filed the minute you realize your phone was stolen is great evidence and can help to establish a valid and legitimate time table.

Third, a great way to deter thieves away from wanting to steel your phone is to make it look vintage. You can accomplish this by making a lime green color gel for your phone’s display. Consider doing this on your keyboard as well. As long as this doesn’t bother you it can be a great deterrent. This is good if you plan on keeping your phone forever and not trying to sell it later to try and recoup some sort of cost from it.

Fourth, you can always install anti-theft software onto your cell phone. This software has the ability to let you remotely contact your phone and see where it is therefore leaving you in control of the situation not as the victim.

Lastly, the best way to prevent someone from stealing your phone is to never let it out of your sight. When you are out and about keep it in your pocket or purse. Don’t ever leave it sitting on a table and walk away for any reason even if it is simply to go to the bathroom or something quick like that.

These are all great ways to prevent someone from stealing your cell phone and gaining access to confidential information about you. But protecting your phone when it is in your possession is important too. You don’t want your phone to get scratched or worse broken by accidentally dropping it. And let’s face it, we are all guilty of accidentally dropping our phones every now and then. Check out cellphonecases.com for some great options on how to better protect your phone and keep it in pristine condition.