Summer Cooling Tips

11 Jul

summer_cooling_tipsSummer is the hottest time of the year. Everyone wants to stay cool during the summer time and there are many different ways that people try to remain cool during the summer months. Remaining cool is very essential as it can be very dangerous for certain age groups like the elderly or young infants. These age groups can become easily dehydrated which makes them extra vulnerable in the summer heat. Here are some great tips that anyone can use for staying cool during the summer time.

The list of tips will start out with some of the easier more cost effective ways of staying cool. For those who are outdoors a lot for their exercise regime it’s best to plan your exercise for either the early mornings or late evenings as those are the coolest times of the day. There are also other tips that can help everyone when outside in the summer heat. Lighter colored, loose fitting clothing helps with the heat. Also freezing a bottle of water and then taking it with you outside will give you a nice cold drink once the ice melts. Water and sports drinks are great ways to combat dehydration so it will be a good idea to drink a lot of these along with avoiding caffeine and alcohol as these drink items can make you dehydrated even quicker.

Of course air conditioners are at the top when it comes to how people choose to remain cool during the summer. There are also many great tips for optimizing the cooling power of your air conditioning during the summer period. Some of the simpler tips include keeping the home closed tight during the day and providing good shading for east and west windows to keep direct sunlight heat out. Another good tip is to avoid heat-generating activities such as heavy cooking and dish washing until the evening hours on hotter days.

Some of the more advanced tips for improving the cooling affect of your air conditioning include using a fan in conjunction with your ac. This may not make sense to some people but a fan can help circulate the cooling air provided by the ac, which enhances the cooling ability. While using a fan at the same time can be a good help, using a dehumidifier along with the ac is not as good a idea. It will negatively impact the air conditioner by increasing it’s cooling load which forces it to work harder. Instead, it is a good idea to have an air conditioner that is also effective against high humidity. Models that are best for this are ones with variable or multi-speed blowers. If you want to ensure that your ac is in tip top shape then feel free to visit