Speeding Down the Slope

1 Mar

Sports play a very vital role in the life of an individual. As the sporting activities makes an individual fit and agile. The present generation of internet savvy youth is facing the consequences of not involving themselves in enough physical activities. Many health related problems such as obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes are the result of lesser physical activities of the individual. It further decreases the productive years of the life of an individual.

Life in countries that have an abundance of snow, and long winters further ask for more rigorous physical activities. The snow clad mountains always fascinates the lovers of winter sports and they gather at a good skiing resort to enjoy the fresh snow fall on a steep slope.

Snowboarding is a popular sport which involves boarding down a steep slope on a snow clad mountain, with the snowboard secured to the feet of the rider. The rider moves from the top of the cliff and slides to the base of the mountain and then repeats.

The history of starting this sport goes back to 1965, as one of the engineers made a small toy for his daughter to slide on the snow clad slope of the mountain. The proud daughter displayed the new toy to her friends and it became so popular that the engineer thought of applying for the license of manufacturing the new sport under the name of snurfer. The popularity rapidly increased, soon more than half a million pieces of the boards were sold by the engineer and he decided to organize the first championship of the game. Amateurs from all parts of the country came to Michigan to participate and enjoy the new game. This how now resulted in people attending competitions from all over the world.

Many changes were made by the enthusiast of the game to adept the board in a better way to the snow. It was no earlier than 1979 that the first world snowboarding championship was held, and the game touched the pinnacle of growth and popularity, as new countries joined in participation of this exciting sport. It attracts not only young people but the mature and old who are fit enough to participate and enjoy it as it also fascinates the adventure seekers too. All of this started as a small initiative of an engineer, to appease his daughter, and resulted into a big adventure sport.