Some Methods People Use To Whiten Their Teeth

12 Nov

Some Methods People Use To Whiten Their TeethMore than ever, people concern themselves about the way they appear to others. This is especially important when looking for a spouse, or going on job interviews. The competition in both areas is fierce, and people want to look their best. One area that people pride themselves is having a dazzling smile. One aspect of having a nice smile involves good-looking pearly white teeth. Unfortunately, many people have stained teeth. The effects of drinking coffee, cola, and smoking are the main cause for stained teeth. Luckily, for those with stained teeth there are many ways to take care of the problem.

One of the least expensive methods for whitening teeth is using whitening strips. These strips come with an adhesive backing and infused with chemicals, such as bleach, to help whiten the teeth. These tiny strips are usually clear in color and purchased at any drug or grocery store. The usual procedure is to floss the teeth, brush the teeth, use mouthwash, and then apply these strips to the front of the teeth. The amount of time the strip should remain in place depends upon the brand, usually from a few minutes to half an hour. It’s important to limit mouth and tongue movement while having the strips in the mouth. Results vary, but most people see results in a few days, and the effects can last for months.

Another way to help a person whiten their teeth is by using whitening rinses. Many of these rinses double as a mouthwash. These rinses usually contain similar chemicals to those found in the whitening strips. Many people found these rinses to do the trick; however, the rinses are usually less effective than the strips. The reason is simple; The amount of time the rinse is in the mouth is shorter than the strips. People usually do not keep the rinse in their mouth more than a minute, unlike the strips that people leave in for a longer amount of time. Many folks have teamed up the whitening strips and the rinse as a double whammy to stained teeth.

Another way people combat stained teeth is using a teeth whitening toothpaste. Most of these teeth whitening toothpastes cost about the same as other high end brands. People using tooth whitening toothpaste usually see results in a short amount of time.

Another tool in the fight against stained teeth is having ones teeth bleached in a dentist’s office. Teeth bleaching kits are available for home use, but most people go to their dentist for this teeth whitening procedure. The in office bleaching agent is carbamide peroxide. The peroxide is mixed with water to form a decreased strength hydrogen peroxide. Having this done at the dentist’s office has the added benefit of seeing the dentist. They will look for other problems that could be the cause of the stained teeth.

Having a beautiful smile filled with white teeth is the dream for many folks. Thankfully, many ways exist for somebody having stained teeth to achieve this dream.