Simple and Effective Ways To Saying I’m Sorry

18 Oct

There are times that each one of us do something that we regret, and many times it affects another person. Whether it is sticking our foot in our mouth or doing something that we later regret, the ability to say I’m sorry is a long forgotten art. Too many people nowadays have too much pride and are just too stubborn to take a minute and say a simply sorry. This really doesn’t have to be as difficult as we make it out to be, and here are some simple and effective ideas to saying that you are sorry.

Simple and Effective Ways To Saying I'm SorryOne of the best ways to say you are sorry to someone is by giving them a beautiful cookie gift basket from today. Everyone loves cookies, and they can be created with different sayings on the cookies that will really make the recipient smile. You can really break the ice by giving them a gift basket of cookies, and best of all, you can really fix the situation quickly by having the gift basket delivered the same day. So if you really put yourself in the dog house, you can say you are sorry tonight when your amazing cookie basket arrives.

The reason that is it so hard for people to say that they are sorry is because they let that feeling linger with them for too long. If you let hours turn to days, you are just making the matter worse by not apologizing quickly. It should be like a band aide, do it quickly so you aren’t focusing on your mistake for an extended period of time. Here are a few ways to fix that today. Writing a letter is a lost art, but cherished by many people. Simply write you apology on a piece of paper and hand it to that person.Better yet, if you took the time to read it to them it would be much more effective. Grab a pack of post it notes, and write you are sorry on each one and place them on doors, cabinets, mirrors, televisions and the refrigerator. The trick here is to do it now, do not put it off for another minute.

We are in the middle of the technology era, and everyone is either on Facebook, Twitter or their smartphones. Send a text, email, post a message on Twitter, send a pic of an apology balloon to Facebook, just do it. The hardest part of the apology is taking the first step. Once you get that apology in, then make sure to apologize in person and go out of your way to make that day special. Do all their favorite things, go out to eat at their favorite restaurant and watch their favorite television shows. make today all about them and apologize sincerely if you really want to put this behind you.

The bottom line is whether you order a cookie gift basket from or write your apology in a love note, you have to stop being stubborn and do it today. The sooner you apologize, the sooner you can work on repairing the damage.