Routine Health Care

14 Jun

health_careProspective patients to a general dentist in Delray Beach and surrounding Palm Beach counties can look forward to exceptional health care in dentistry. While the following procedures are consistent with those of most any general dentist of quality, it behooves potential patients to know what to expect on the first visit.

The Check-Up

The first rule of order generally is a routine visual examination given by the doctor. Basically, this process is established to check on the condition of teeth while making sure there are no other known issues such as cavities or gum disease present.

Bite-wing X-Rays and Fillings

Generally, the next thing a new dental patient can expect is a complete set of x-rays which would basically reveal the condition of the teeth or any problem areas. Facing a bite-wing x-ray session means putting on a heavy apron to help shield one’s body from the rays.

Then, a small piece of plastic is inserted between the upper and lower row of teeth forcing the patient to bite down on it. Doing so helps the mouth align properly for the picture-taking session; moreover, this process is repeated several times until a set of plaques for the entire mouth is obtained.

A full set of bite-wing x-rays may reveal cavities and caries at very least. If such is the case, this may lead to the second most used procedure in general dentistry–teeth fillings. Using materials such as gold, amalgam, porcelain and composite resin, this procedure uses small drills to reach a cavity or infection.

Dental Cleanings and Fluoride Treatments

Today, dentists generally do not do cleanings at all. Many dentists have opt to use specially trained personnel known as hygienists to handle this function; consequently, relieving doctors for other more complex dentistry. A typical teeth cleaning session begins with scraping hard, built-up tartar. Afterwards, the hygienist technician will floss, polish and visually check if a deep scaling is necessary–doing so will help avoid serious gum disease known as gingivitis.

Fluoride treatments are mainly recommended to avoid future cavities from developing. In this procedure, there are applications of a fluoride solution to the surface of the teeth; however, a later visit is sometimes necessary if a dentist’s evaluation recommends it.

Post Treatment Protocol

Generally, if there is a persistent tendency towards tooth decay or gum disease, a dentist will encourage patients to change their present dental care habits to more aggressive ones. Such treatment may include brushing teeth after every meal/snack. Also, a good flossing is recommended. In more serious cases, the use of antibiotics, specially formulated mouthwashes or other more intense treatment is possibly warranted.

Today, finding a good general dentist in Delray Beach may be made even simpler when it comes in the form of word of mouth recommendations.