Problems Conceiving

15 Jun

how-to-get-pregnantOne of the hardest challenges that any couple might face is that of trying to conceive a baby.  What for some may come so easily to others becomes physically draining, but more importantly emotionally exhausting.  You begin your happy new life as a married couple so anxious to begin your lives together.  You learn about each other, and create a home and life together.  Then, when that chosen time comes you decided to have a baby.  You plan to begin your family and both hope it will happen easily and naturally.  Sadly, for a large portion of the population, this is not the case.  You are now members of a community of couple who enter that vast world of infertility.  Left heart heavy, and unsure, you turn to each other to begin this long and sometimes painful road. It helps to know the symptoms of low testosterone levels to see if you need to seek out medication or a doctor to help you.

In those agonizing months, or sometimes even years, you contemplate everything you did in your younger years that could have lead to this; and you commit to trying everything you can now to make conception possible.  Infertility has been studied in numerous way and by numerous doctors over the years.  Recent studies now show that for nearly forty percent of couples experiencing infertility the primary infertility can be traced back to the male partner.  They are also finding there are more causes as previously believed as well.

Some of those things we never think about that can lead to infertility are:

  • Obesity
  • Laptops
  • Disease
  • X-rays
  • Long distance cycling
  • Injury

While some of those things we might suspect as causing problems include:

  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Illegal drugs
  • Painkillers
  • Some prescribed medications

All of these things can lead to lower testosterone.  This lower testosterone directly affects the quantity and quality of sperm which contributes to infertility.

However, don’t be alarmed.  If you are trying to conceive there are things that you can do. In fact, about seventy percent of male infertility is treatable.  Together as a couple it is important to work as a team through all the testing and procedures you elect to do.  Typical tests will include motility and mobility, a check of various hormone levels, a test of any chromosomal abnormalities, and any other physical issues that could be causing problems.

Various treatments that might be discussed include:

  • Surgical measures
  • Medications
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Assisted reproduction techniques

Through all the testing, treatments, trial and error; the most important thing for a couple is to continue to build their relationship together.  Infertility and the emotional toll it takes can harm a relationship that isn’t consistently cultivated.  The trial and error phase of conception through medication, insemination, or even in-vitro fertilization is a long and daunting path.  It is always amazing to see the measures some must go through to become a family.  And though there are couples who despite all of the research, all of the treatments, all of the trial and error may never experience conception; if in the end you come out of the process as a united couple you will still find a way to enjoy a fulfilled life.  It is these couples you find a way to traverse the road of infertility and become a family.