Popular Celebrity Dogs and Their Owners

18 Oct

Everyone knows about Paris Hilton’s dog, Tinkerbelle. She is almost as popular as The First Dog, the Obama family pet that lives in the White House. Bo is a Portugese Water Dog. With the former canine, one could almost opine that the dog is more popular than the owner.

People care a lot about their favorite celebrity owning a pet. Having a pet makes that celebrity more real and gives his fans something in common with him. The celebrity is no different than the regular person, with his love for his dog and showing that animal off to everyone that will pay the slightest attention.

Legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne’s pets became famous during the run of his family’s reality show, “The Osbournes.” They had seven dogs. While that would seem excessive for normal people, The Osbournes clearly had the space and the ability to provide for all those animals.

There are press photos of nearly every popular celebrity that has a dog. Sometimes the fans don’t even have to wait for those. Ryan Gosling brought his dog with him on his appearance on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” It is a rare day when you flip through a tabloid and do not see a picture of a famous actress out walking her dog.

“They have a dog. They walk their dog. So do I. See? I’m like my favorite actress.” The appeal of celebrities with their pets is hard to miss. Often though, the similarities end there because the celebrity dogs lead a much more glamorous lives than ordinary dogs. Paris has takes her dog almost everywhere. In many cases, it would seem the celebrity dogs have better lives than regular people, never mind the regular dogs.

The celebrity dogs go on trips, fly first class and in some cases even have their own chefs. When the celebrity can’t take the famous walks, often someone is hired to do it, anyway. You don’t often that see that level of pampering with regular people and their pets.

And like Ozzy, many celebrities indulge their love of animals with many more pets than normal people will actually undertake to care for. Oprah Winfrey has five dogs and considers them part of her family. That’s a pretty big family. Martha Stewart is another celebrity who has enough love for several dogs. She has six. To regular people with normal sized homes, two dogs could seem like a lot of canine.



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