New Trends: Sedation Dentistry

31 May

Sedation_dentistryIf you suffer from a fear of going to the dentist, then sedation dentist raleigh might be for you. Learn more about it, as well as ways to prevent its need as frequently.

Why To Use It

Many people are afraid of dental work. Perhaps they have had an experience in which the mouth was not completely numb and they felt that little drill eating away at the nerves. Or maybe they just cannot stand the sounds, sights, and smells involved in the traumatic experience. There are lots of reasons to stay away from the office. But there are even better reasons to go for regular check ups. Regular visits to the dentist prevent more work needed. If you can prevent the problem, you probably will have to do less at each visit. So take care of your mouth and use sedation dentistry if extensive work and calming drugs are needed.

Types Of Sedation

There are a few levels of sedation dentist raleigh. It does not always mean sleep dentistry, as some think.

  • Under minimal sedation, the calming drugs only keep you relaxed while you are awake. And so there is awareness but less ability to panic.
  • In moderate sedation, also known as conscious sedation, you are less aware of the procedure, though you may remember it. But you are out of it enough to slur words.
  • Deep sedation means being on the edge of consciousness, but able to be awakened easily.
  • And general anesthesia is often reserved for the large procedures. This is where the patient is completely asleep and unaware of the situation, unable to remember or feel any of it.


Ways To Prevent Dental Work In The First Place

Although treatment from a sedation dentist raleigh standpoint might be great for needed visits, the best thing to do is to prevent issues in the first pace. This means taking care of the mouth you have. Start today to use these practices as often as they are recommended.

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day or soon after every meal. As bacteria breaks down, it gets in to the crevasses and creates cavities. Brushing sooner prevents this issue. Make sure to cover the whole oral cavity, from checks to tongue.
  • Floss before bedtime every day, at least. If possible, do it ever time you brush. This gets the junk missed out of the inner spaces.
  • Drink lots of water or use mouthwash after snacking to get rid of bacteria.
  • And watch what you eat. Processed, sugary foods like cookies and candy break down more quickly. And acidic foods like pineapple and citrus eat away at enamel. Brush right after eating such a food.


Turn to a sedation dentist raleigh for an easier visit to the dentist’s chair and prevent the need for it with good oral habits.