Modest Doesn’t Mean Ugly

9 Oct

Modest Doesn't Mean UglyDepending on age, build, occupation and several other factors, some women may find themselves rethinking their wardrobe at various stages of their lives. Often, women question the modesty of their particular fashions. Some women may start out in high school wearing short shorts and skirts, small tank tops and tiny sweaters and head into college with the same sense of fashion. Then they graduate, get married or find a job, and they never change what they wear. This is a mistake, because as women age and change their circumstances, their sense of fashion must change as well.

There are no defined lines between what is “right” to wear and what is “wrong” to wear, but to be sure, many women get confused about what it means to dress “modestly.” When the term “modest” comes to mind, it often incites thoughts of frumpiness, ugliness or old ladies who wear layers upon layers. “Modest” often stirs up emotions of women who are basically unattractive. This is incredibly wrong. Modest doesn’t mean ugly. In fact, modest dress, if done correctly, can use some of the most fashionable styles for women.

What modest really means in terms of fashion is that the women wearing the clothes are not “begging” for attention. The opposite of modest clothing is essentially provocative and revealing clothing, for example, low-cut tops, short shorts and platform stilettos with tight pencil skirts. The truth is these styles usually do not look good. The clothes are often too tight, fit for the wrong body type and uncomfortable. Embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions can occur at any moment, and movement is often limited.

Modest clothing for women is comfortable yet form fitting and is suitable for any interaction. Women should be able to wear a modest outfit to school, work, the supermarket and at home and never feel out of place. Perhaps a modest top is not super low cut and excessively tight, but that doesn’t mean it is up to the neck and overly large, either. A possible modest top could be a v-neck cashmere sweater set, the shell of which is slightly more form fitting but covered by the looser fitting cardigan. There are an array of colors to choose from in sweater sets, and women can even mix and match. To go with this top, a pair of tailored slacks in a neutral shade could be worn with a pair of 2″ stacked pumps for an extremely elegant look.

In conclusion, do not be frightened that if a modest style of dress is adopted, ugliness will ensue. There are many styles of modest clothing for women that give off an air of sophistication and class while still providing femininity as well as comfort.