Keeping Your Lawn Looking Great

8 Aug

lawnsThe healing benefits of a great lawn are many, such as having a beautiful place to just sit and daydream, appreciate knowing that it fits your loved ones needs or just relaxing and smelling the fresh crisp autumn air. But we all know that having a lovely lawn doesn’t come overnight or without its share of headaches or backaches, but it can be made a little easier using ExMark equipment!

During the summer you want to consider the products you are using such as fertilizer or weed control. Chemical fertilizers have the potential to burn the lawn so you want to ensure that you don’t dry it out, so it is best to apply this kind of solution a few months before summer starts.

To ensure a fabulous lawn you must water however only when it appears dry. Depending on the weather in your area such as the temperature, rainfall, wind, humidity, it will determine when you should water. If it just rained for three days straight, then you do not want to water just because you usually do it twice a week, you will just be wasting water which can result in damaging your lawn. Just as important as when you water is the time of day you choose to water. Early in the morning is the best since temperatures are usually cooler so it can ensure that the water grasps the roots instead of drying up too fast. Soil is another important factor. For instance a sandy soil will not grasp water well, so you want to water more often. In areas with clay soil (like parts of Georgia) then less watering is needed.

The lawn must be cut regularly to maintain its neatness and prevent it from looking out of control. During the summer grass grows quicker, while the winter can see weeds popping up. Achieving a nice looking lawn also depends upon the lawn mower used and a method beginning with the blade. If a blade is lifeless then it must work harder to cut and you can end up with irregular cuts so you must maintain the sharpness of your blades and replace them when needed. It also helps to have extra sets of sharp and balanced blades available. After mowing you want to be sure to edge just to tidy it up. You might think edging will not matter as long as you regularly mow but it can make the difference between a lawn that looks just okay to one that is immaculate and clean!

ExMark lawn equipment and their available network of dealers also ensure that their customers are well informed about operating their machines by providing several safety training resources.