Ideas For a Home Office

16 Nov

Ideas For a Home OfficeIf you need ideas for your home office, then this is the article for you. First of all you need to evaluate the room. How big is it? What kind of furniture may fit? In our home while I was growing up, we had a home office where my dad would do work and where we kept our computers. Two things I really liked about that room were that we had a nice fancy armoire that we had one of our computers in. The dark wood of the armoire was absolutely beautiful. It had a sliding drawer that pulled out so it was perfect for the keyboard. It also had nice drawers that were perfect for storing files and various papers.

However, the most important part of the room that I absolutely loved was the built in bookcase. On one wall we had a bookcase that went from floor to ceiling, a window seat, and then on the other side had another bookcase that went from floor to ceiling. It was absolutely beautiful and with all of our books made it feel like a library. We had a couch next to it, and it was the perfect spot to get cozy with a book. As I looked on the internet, I got a lot of inspiration ideas to get the juices flowing for anyone looking to create a great and functional home office. One idea that I found that I thought was creative was to make one wall, next to the computer, like a chalkboard so that you can write notes and reminders right on the wall.

Coming from a family where my mom is an interior decorator I have grown up hearing a lot about color and decoration. One idea is to use metallic if your room has neutral colors. Perhaps find a picture frame that will add some shimmer to the otherwise neutral room. Another great idea is to use distressed furniture. This is a great way to get a nice antiqued look in your home office. It can also give a look of texture to an otherwise flat room. Aside from the look of the room, the room also needs to be functional. If the home office is organized it can add to it’s future efficiency. Utilize a filing system.

Label folders and put all papers in a specific home. Maybe even get a little crazy and do some color coding. I love organizing and have found that the sky is the limit when it comes to creative organization. Consider getting all wireless technology. This helps to reduce the clutter of having lots of different cords all over. If you are looking for a good office chair look at an Aeron desk chair. It is super comfortable and can be adjusted to fit your needs and make it perfect for you. It is also affordable when it comes to office chairs. Most important, remember this home office is for you and your family. Make it a space you all can enjoy and use to its fullest.