How to Help Your Child with Basic Math

13 Jul

help your kid do mathSo your child needs help in math, now what?

You may be pleased to discover that math techniques have never been easier to find thanks to the internet. All you need to do is do a little search. You can literally find hundreds of ways you can approach this problem. Although, this in itself can be a little daunting. With all of the choices available, which one should you choose? No worries. With a little simple preparation and reconnaissance, you can identify what kind of a learner your child is, and you can make a game plan to tackle their learning head on. Of course, if you already have a good idea of how your child learns best, then you are already one step closer to getting the results you want.

Figuring out how your child learns.

By far the most important step of teaching is to find out how best to teach the individual. When teachers teach in classrooms, they can’t do this because of the multitude of students that they have, but you don’t have that problem. You have the opportunity to present material to your child that they will grasp quickly, and may even have a little fun in the process.

Start by presenting material to them in a number of different ways. You can allow them to use physical objects for their basic math functions. This will allow them to see the numbers take material shape, instead of just being imaginary figures. If that doesn’t seem to work so well, then you can introduce rhymes and rhythms into your teaching methods. It could be that your child is musical, and will relate more to math if it is more akin to something they enjoy. Again, not every child is a Mozart, and they may find pleasure in using facts and figures to work their problems out. Hey, some people do actually enjoy using all those mathematical formulas.

Ask for advice from teachers

Teachers don’t just teach students nowadays, they will also be glad to show you a thing or two relating to the skills that they have acquired throughout their careers. Their advice can be like gold to someone who may just need steering in the right direction. The teachers at Montessori Irvine schools are well known for their readiness to help parents help their kids. So why wouldn’t your local teachers help you? Don’t expect them to design you an entire teaching routine, but they would certainly be more than glad to help you to critique your own. This will allow you to couple years of teaching experience with your own personal knowledge of your child.