How to Get Through Divorce And Keep Your Sanity And Wallet

12 Jul

divorceThe Most Important Things You Need to Know before Hiring a Divorce Attorney

A couple seeking divorce will need a good divorce attorney. It’s the attorney that makes the divorce possible. You can find an attorney in the phone book, online or by reference. For example if you are in the St Louis area you can Google “best St Louis Divorce Lawyer reviews” or “top St Louis Divorce Lawyer” and read what others have said about the attorneys in your area. It’s best to take the process of selecting a good divorce attorney seriously and with great care. To make this difficult time less difficult keep reading for some valuable information that can help you through this emotionally taxing process.

Tip 1: Prepare yourself emotionally. Be prepared for the worst, in situations like divorce things can get pretty ugly and you really need to be strong. Being ready emotionally to face the most difficult situations will help you to get through this difficult process.

Tip 2: Open up a P.O. Box so you can be sure that you get your mail.

Tip 3: Change your passwords on your computer, your bank accounts (online banking access), and any other important accounts that you may have required a password.

Bonus Tip: you might consider a small program to organize all of the changed passwords so that you don’t forget them, and assign a master password that nobody would know or could figure out to access the program and passwords.

Tip 4: Check your credit report to be sure that everything on it is yours and as you expected. You don’t need any nasty financial disasters on your hands, especially during this difficult time.

Tip 5: Get a separate bank account and checking account that only you know about, and possess the access passwords and information.

Tip 6: put together all your financial information. Make copies of your important joint financial documents: assets, debts, automobile titles, loans, credit card statements, bank statements, and any retirement accounts. Also tax returns for the last 5 to 6 years & pay stubs from you both. Put these copies in a safe place away from your partner.

In closing, be realistic, don’t have unrealistic expectations from the judge. Don’t expect everyone to believe you that your spouse may not be the “nicest person in the world”. It’s important that you don’t blame your attorney for the way the system works and the time required to get through the process of divorce. You want your attorney on your side. And remember to be reasonable and cooperate. If you do your lawyer is likely to have more trust in you and work that much harder.