How to Find the Right Printer for College

22 Oct

Most colleges require their students to have computers nowadays; printer requirements may not be far behind. Although you don’t absolutely have to have a printer to attend school, the fact that other printing resources are severely limited makes it a good idea to grab one while you can.

University print labs and classrooms with printers are often extremely crowded; because they play host to students from all over campus, you’ve got a lot of competition, especially right before common class times. Getting the right printer might just save you an extra hour before that big report is due in class. Here are some tips on what to look for.

Choosing Printer Types

Most college students go with mid-range inkjet printers. This is not because they always need to print things out in color, but rather because they’re smaller than their laser counterparts.

Of course, the ability to print pictures out in nice detail also makes it easier to decorate dorm rooms, but in most cases it’s unnecessary for coursework. Even art and design students will use the publication quality campus print shops when they really want to impress professors. In the end, cheap inkjet desktop printers are usually the best option for students.

Picking a Perfect Printer

There are thousands of printers you could buy, and while price may be one of the biggest determining factors in your decision, you can’t be too shortsighted. What seems like a great printer deal on an auction site right now might turn into a nightmare when it comes time to buy ink cartridges. You should buy a printer that isn’t so old that nobody sells the ink for it anymore, or it will be useless.

Finding a good ink supplier is just as much a part of the deal as buying the actual printer is. Manufacturers often stop making ink cartridges for their printers with little or no warning beforehand. This means that you can’t just rely on the fact that you’ll be able to stop by the local office supply store and buy extra ink before an assignment is due.

Internet ink re-sellers and wholesale suppliers, on the other hand, provide cheap ink by stocking large quantities. They’re thus far more reliable than any of the alternatives you’ll have near campus.

Finally, it’s important to consider ink pricing along with printer pricing. Campus bookstores love to overcharge, especially when you make them order something for you. Keep your college costs as low as you can by getting a printer that you know you can also get plenty of bulk-priced ink for.

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