Helping Veterans around your Community

21 Feb

helping veteransAmerica – the land of the free and the home of the brave.  This land wasn’t just given to us.  We didn’t just appear in such a great nation.  We had and continue to have amazing soldiers who sacrifice their lives for our freedom and the ability to live in a safe land.  These soldiers need the support of their fellow citizens and there are many things that we, as civilians, can do to support our veterans locally and abroad from our little communities.

Say “thank you.”  One of the main ways to show support for veterans and soldiers is to simply say thank you.  Offer gratitude.  Take the time to stop and say “excuse me, I noticed you are a veteran, thank you so much for serving our country.”  Veterans are incredibly grateful to hear these words of gratitude offered to them.  It brightens their days and reminds them why they do what they do and what and who they are sacrificing or have sacrificed their lives for.

Send care packages.  Sending care packages to soldiers currently at war is an incredibly helpful thing to do.  It keeps their spirits up when they are far from home and far from the luxuries that they are accustomed to.  Care packages can be really inexpensive to send as well.  You can easily pick up tons of candy the day after a holiday and mail it out.  Set rates are offered for packages sent out to soldiers with no limit or a very high limit on weight, so you can feel ok about stuffing that package full.

Drive a vet around for the day.  You can volunteer to drive vets around for The Disabled American Veterans.  There is a van that you can drive around to get these vets where they need to be, but can’t get on their own anymore.  You can take care of the vets just like they took care of you.

Help build a home.  There are many projects to help build homes for disabled veterans.  You can donate you time and skills or money to this cause.  You can feel good knowing that you helped to provide a secure home for a vet in your local community.

Donate a used or run down vehicle.  You can also donate cars for vets.  These charities take the cars and either sell them at auctions to raise money for programs for veterans or else they sell the steel to help provide the funding needed for these programs.

These are just a few of the options available to you if you are interested in supporting the veterans near you.  You can find many more ideas from contacting local veteran charities in your community, asking veteran friends, or looking online for even more ideas.  Supporting veterans is a great way to support your country and community.