Green Living

6 Jul

green livingEveryone is committed to green living on a different level.  There are some extremists, but most people fall within a middle range.  And really all that matters is that you are trying to improve your stewardship over the Earth one small step at a time.

Some of the most basic green living ideas that people can easily start with include recycling and paying attention to your water and electricity consumption.  In most cities recycling is fairly easy.  Often you can call your local waste company and get a recycling bin added to your bill.  They’ll even bring you a recycling bin and often the bin comes with no extra charge, just the monthly pick up fee.  It’s also easy to watch water consumption.  Simply repair any leaks you might have (even a simple dripping sink can lead to a huge loss in water over just a 24 hour period), be sure to turn off faucets all the way and turn off the water when you are brushing your teeth.  It’s common for people to leave water running despite not actually using it.  It just takes a little bit of thought and eventually will turn into a habit to turn the water off when it is not in use.  Watching your electricity consumption is as simple as turning off the light switch every time you leave a room. If you aren’t sure how to fix leaks you can call a plumber in Arlington TX to help you fix any problems.

The next step to green living is probably changing out all of your cleaning products for green and safer alternative.  You might start by purchasing the different cleaning products available at your local market that are labeled as “natural” or “green”.  There are also a lot of all natural solutions you can create from your kitchen products that are also incredibly inexpensive.  The most oft used products are vinegar and baking soda.  You can use them to clean toilets, showers, floors, clothing, etc.

As you get more and more into green living you might start creating your own laundry detergent, using more natural medical alternatives, gardening, using natural pesticides and herbicides for organic gardening, eating raw and/or whole foods, and using all natural toiletries.  Several laundry detergent “recipes” are available online and you can get tons of feedback from the comments sections, since they are usually posted in personal blogs.  There are also plenty of stain removal “recipes”.  Natural medical alternatives are as common as vitamins and chiropractic work and as western as essential oils, tinctures,  and acupuncture.  Gardening is a great example of green living that teaches self sustainability.  Those who are extra brave will make attempts at all natural and organic gardening.  You can use plenty of natural techniques and place plants together in a certain way to help eliminate insects and other issues.  Eating raw and whole foods is a way to keep your body green.  Many people even go the extra distance and buy all natural soaps, lotions, shampoos, toothpastes, etc.

There are even people who might be considered extremists in green living.  These people purchase and use solar panels, they compost, they use cloth diapers on their children, and they might even make bio domes for gardening or even for living in.  Some of the more “extreme” concepts of green living might be seen as kooky or even as gross, but they each have their own amazing benefits.

No matter what level of green living you are at you can start taking steps to green living each day.  These steps can be simple.  There is no need to overturn your life all at once.  Just take it gradually and get to where you want to be.