Getting Rid of the Toughest Dirt and Grime

24 Dec

Getting Rid of the Toughest Dirt and GrimeThere is nothing like discovering something new. Even better is discovering something that works. My discovery is a service that works like a charm and makes me want to show it to everyone I can as often as I can.

The discovery of the patio and building pressure cleaning services of Renew Crew will have you singing their praises just like I do.

If you are anything like me, my home is one of the biggest investments I will make in a lifetime. After a few years of rain, heat, bugs, grass stains, mold and fungus, that investment begins to show its age. That’s where the experts at Renew Crew Cleaning Services take center stage. Their 3-step process will leave your home looking just like new.

Whether that surface is wood or concrete block, the Renew Crew experts will leave you with a smile and your home with a clean that resembles a new paint job.

Call 1-877-683-8000 now for a free estimate. What I like most is the Renew Clean method of cleaning: Unlike getting a simple pressure wash job that simply washes away the surface dirt and the outside cobwebs you can see, the Renew Clean method gets to the heart of the matter leaving your home really clean with a protective coating.

Next up on my list of things to do was to not only wash the concrete patio down, but to add a new life to the dull color that I had gotten accustomed to. This is where that 3-step process I mentioned earlier comes in.

I checked out the video of their process at website, but I wasn’t convinced that their process would actually work for me. I was surprised.

First, the Renew Clean experts apply a Pressure Soak that gets the surface ready for the power clean that follows, and then the protective coating is applied. Sounds simple doesn’t it? It is and that’s’ just the point.

Unlike what happens with your typical pressure washing job, Renew Clean uses special environmentally friendly products that won’t peel your paint, ruin your plants, and is safe for kids.

Wood decks are not just cleaned but sealed and coated by a process that will leave that wood looking as if it were just installed. Sure, you can do it yourself. But why not take the same care you did when purchasing that home. Why not use the same precision it took to build that patio and to lay that driveway?

1993 is starting point for the professional and exclusive cleaning process that is unique to Renew Clean. Whether it’s a deck, gutters, or almost any hard surfaces around your home or business, you will benefit from the expert cleaning services offered by the Renew Clean crew.

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