Get Well Gifts

12 Aug

get_well_giftsFlowers are not always the order of the day when choosing a get-well gift for someone. If he or she happens to be a patient in a hospital, the flowers may spark an allergic reaction in other patients. They can sometimes be hard to carry home when the patient checks out as well.

A universally acclaimed get-well item is the get-well goodie—especially if that goodie comes from a cookie bouquet company. As long as a patient doesn’t have any diet restrictions, cookie gifts can help them to feel loved.  Cookies are usually gone by checkout time as well so there is no extra stuff to pack back home once the patient is well.

Cookie bouquets are especially fun for patients to receive because they include all the visual appeal of flowers with the added bonus of being deliciously edible. It can also give patients something to share with people who visit them or someone who has been especially supportive in staying with them through their time of illness.

Benefits of Get-well Gifts

Sending a get well present gives patients a tangible reminder that they are being thought about and are loved—which can be a crucial factor for getting well. People who feel supported in their illness generally have better recoveries. It’s a well supported fact that strong social relationships help patients to maintain their quality of life, which in turn can motivate them to do the things required to help them recover.

Things to Remember When Getting Get-well Gifts

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to get for someone you don’t know as well—say, a co-worker or a new friend. It might be a good idea to have another person go in on the gift with you—especially if that someone knows the patient better than you do. Once again, you usually can’t go wrong with some kind of get-well note and treat.

Get-well gifts can also be a bit of an ice breaker when you come to visit someone for the first time. They give you something to look at and talk about for those first few minutes. They are a great way to instantly lift the spirits of the patient.

When selecting a get-well item for people in need it is good to keep in mind how they might be feeling. Illness, injury, and/or medical conditions can be very stressful to deal with. They can disrupt life plans and make it hard to feel in control. This can make choosing a get-well gift a rather daunting task.

For example, choosing puzzles or a book for patients whose treatment may have caused blurred vision or greater susceptibility to headaches is not going to help them very much. It’s best to keep your get-well gifts light and positive. It’s often good to include a bit of whimsy and visual interest as well—another reason to get the cookie bouquet.