Get Some Extra Cash For Your Gold

14 Jun

selling_goldIf you are like most people in the country, you could probably use some extra cash in your pocket. Most of the country is feeling the effects of the depressed economy, and despite reports that the economy is recovering it takes a long time for the average person to actually feel the effects of that recovery. That means that your wallet is probably still sorely missing cash. You can put some cash back into it however with some common items that may just be lying around your home. The following are some great items that you could sell to a gold jewelry buyer San Jose for some extra cash.

Gold Jewelry

The most common gold that is in a home is inside of jewelry. Almost every type of fine bracelets, fine earrings, fine rings, and more have gold casing involved in the manufacturing. At the same time, many items may actually have pure gold in them. Older pieces that may be heirloom items most likely have an even higher level of gold in them. All of these items can be sold to a gold jewelry buyer San Jose for some extra cash. Even better, since you are selling them based on their gold value they can be broken or damaged and still be worth cash. Therefore, you can take items that have no use to you and actually turn them into cash.

Gold Coins

Another great way to find cash in your home is to dig out any gold coins that you might have. While not everyone collects coins, in some families coins get passed along somewhat like heirlooms. Therefore, you might have some old coins that are sitting around collecting dust that actually could be put to good use as real money in your pocket. As a side note, if you happen to have any silver coins you can also get some quick cash from silver as well. You will probably have to go to a different buyer, but silver is worth a great deal right now.

Gold Fixtures

Finally, you may not realize it, but any gold fixtures in your home can be worth instant cash as well. If you happen to live in a century home you are more likely to have some fixtures in your home that actually contain real gold in them. Think about replacing these items with artificial pieces and you can preserve the look of your home but pad your wallet a bit more. The simple truth is anything that has gold in it can be sold for some extra cash.