Fix Your Broken Car Yourself and Save Big

30 Jan

Fix Your Broken Car Yourself and Save BigIt was once said that you could count on only two things in life, death and taxes. Your car breaking down should be added to that short list because, no matter how old your car happens to be, it’s going to break down at some point. When it does, you have three choices:

  1. Take it to an auto mechanic
  2. Fix it yourself using brand new auto parts
  3. Do the repairs yourself with used parts from a reliable place like U Pull n Save

Many motorists decide on the most convenient method and just take their car into their trusted mechanic. That’s fine, if in fact you do trust him and he can be relied upon to do a quality repair job at a reasonable price. The going hourly rate for auto repair work is anywhere from $75 to $150, depending on the make of your car and what area you live in. Auto mechanics are notorious for over-charging and billing for repairs that are not necessarily needed. That’s one reason why some car owners are increasingly opting to do their own auto repairs.

If you’re either handy or mechanically inclined, fixing a broken car is entirely doable, depending on your level of experience and what needs to be repaired of course. Changing out a set of brake pads or replacing a water pump is really no big deal on many cars and can be easily handled by most DIY mechanics. Taking care of a blown head gasket however, is not for the faint of heart and will require more time and wrenching skills. Whatever the nature of the auto repair you decide to tackle, your next choice will be to use new or used parts.

With used parts, you’re taking a calculated risk that the part is in good, working order. When you consider that a used auto part can cost a mere fraction of a brand new one, the risk is sometimes justified. With some wrecking yards and used auto parts sources like U Pull n Save, you can get some sort of limited guarantee that, at the very least, the part will function properly. In some cases, a used part supplier will even warrant the part for 30, 60 or even 90 days.

With auto repair instructions, tips and videos widely available on the internet, along with many sources of auto parts as well, there is absolutely no reason, if you’re so inclined, to not fix your broken car yourself and save a bunch of money.