Five Reasons to Consider Entering the Facilities Management Field

29 Aug

The facilities management field is essentially devoted to coordinating space, organization, people and infrastructure. This could include working in the administration of arenas, schools, office blocks, shopping complexes, hotels and hospitals, for example. The field has become highly competitive, and is subject to continual development and innovation. Becoming a facility manager requires professional qualifications and training, but getting into the profession will allow you to enjoy the many perks of the job.

You Have a Wide Selection of Jobs

The facility management sector represents about 5% of GDP, which means this is a field with tremendous opportunities for employment. There are various types of jobs available as a facility manager, including human resources, information technology and real estate. This means there is a major variety of subsector employment that can be attained in the field.

You Play an Important Role

As a facility manager, you are responsible for ensuring the health and safety of those in the building. This includes controlling safety issues, as without a facility manager ensuring the patrons are safe, there will be concerns from the customers, residents or general patrons. Fire safety is also an important measure in this role, as this is one of the highest dangers for people losing their lives. It could also shut down the business for a considerable amount of time. Facilities managers play a major part in keeping the doors open and the occupants safe.

You Are Basically Your Own Boss

As a facilities manager, you will be able to essentially make your own hours. However, you should be available to those who need you on a regular basis. If you leave an emergency contact number, you will be able to sleep in, or perform personal duties during the daylight hours. As long as the job is getting done, you will be able to complete the task of being a facility manager while also being able to have a certain amount of freedom.

You Get to Work With People

This job is very fulfilling for those who like working with people. As a facilities manager you would be helping to develop the core operations of the organization and ensuring that there is the best working environment for those who are employed at the business. Improving efficiency through business practices is an important component of the job, and that often involves working with people. The strategic planning portion of the operations also involves a considerable amount of consultation with the people who are a part of the business operations.

Your Salary is Decent

You won’t likely become a millionaire by becoming a facilities manager, but you will make between £25,000 and £35,000. The more experience you gain, the higher your pay will be. You could earn as high as £60,000-plus for the job, if you become a senior facilities manager.

Facilities management is a career that definitely has appeal. Apart from the salary, the largest advantage of a position as a facilities manager is the freedom it offers. As a facilities manager, you would be free to choose your own workplace and set your own hours. Facilities managers also gain a great deal of personal satisfaction knowing they are making a real contribution to an organization, a contribution they get to see every day when consulting with any number of different people. If you’re looking for a career that offers both freedom and responsibility, a job in facilities management is ideal for you.