Finding Help For Your Substance Dependent Child

24 Feb

Finding Help For Your Substance Dependent ChildFinding out that your child has a substance abuse problem is one of the most horrific things you can discover. You can see the signs, you know they’re there, but you ignore them, thinking, “It can’t be my child. He wouldn’t do anything like that.” Then you discover the terrible truth. You should know that Palm Beach Institute treats adolescents with serious addiction problems and can take care of your child.

There are many different types of help available. The situation isn’t hopeless. People are out there who have the skills, knowledge and ability to help.

You will be asked to make some decisions right from the beginning about what type of treatment is best for your child. There are a few different treatment options you should be aware of.

The first thing to do is to check your insurance and see if you have coverage for substance abuse treatment. Some insurances will cover it, some will cover only out patient, and some will not cover it. It’s hard to think that something as silly as money would prevent you from treating your child, but knowing how much you can count on from your insurance company can make a big difference in how and where you get your child treated.

Then you need to search for treatment facilities. Some parents choose to have their children simply see a therapist. This is a viable option if you get a therapist who is familiar with the ins and outs of addiction. The treatment is intense and focused.

If you choose to take your child to a therapist, you will be required to participate fully in their recovery. There will be sessions to which you are invited and it is a great opportunity to support your child in their efforts to achieve recovery. Many, in fact, most addiction recovery clinics will offer this treatment option.

Some parents choose to have their child put into a residential program. This is a safer option for children who might have withdrawal symptoms. You must make certain that certified doctors are on call at the center. Withdrawal can be a serious and painful process and sometimes a doctor’s intervention can make all the difference in recovery.

The option to have your child placed in a residential facility is, admittedly, more difficult than choosing to simply send him to a therapist. However, if you feel that this is the best option for your child, don’t let the fear of leaving them in the facility stop you. Your child will be in the facility for between 6 and 12 months. You will be involved in their recovery efforts at every turn. You’ll be asked to visit, attend sessions and participate in esteem building exercises.

Palm Beach Institute treats adolescents from all over the state. They are trained well and compassionate to both the patient and their families. They know what you’ve been through and they understand how to help.