Facebook For Businesses: It’s About Engaging, Not Selling

13 Jan

Facebook For Businesses: It's About Engaging, Not SellingMany business owners create a Facebook Fan Page for their online business, yet few see the results they hoped to achieve. The problem usually is the result the business owner’s expectations; using Facebook is not about making more sales quickly. Facebook is an excellent tool for building brand awareness and engaging potential new customers but it’s not easy to engage a fan instead of encouraging them to make a purchase when that’s all business owners have been doing for years.

Online business owners who find it hard to create clever Facebook business pages, set up polls or give fans special content don’t really understand Facebook marketing. No one is going to become a fan of a business that just copies and pastes products from their e-commerce website to their Facebook page. There are too many other brands on Facebook that give their fans something special, no one wants to be a fan of a boring company that does not care about them.

Business owners not having success on Facebook need help from an Internet marketing company like Orangesoda, which specializes in Facebook Business Pages. They will help businesses set up Facebook pages, adding widgets or apps to make the content more exciting and then ensure the business owner knows how to build relationships with fans on Facebook in the future. Training is essential for page owners so they can keep the initial buzz going and grown their fan base.

On Facebook, engagement builds brand awareness. Brand awareness does lead to more sales, but only for businesses that don’t try too hard. It’s easy to annoy fans by constantly reminding them to buy. Facebook, like other social media, is designed for social interaction. This does not mean businesses can’t use Facebook; it simply means that businesses have to be social.

Every online or offline company has only one change to create a Facebook Fan Page and select a great user name. Names cannot be changed so any business owner that believes they need help with social media marketing should find a reputable Internet marketing company, such as Orangesoda, has extensive experience with Facebook.

Facebook marketing is only one part of a complete Internet marketing campaign. Having one Internet marketing company create a business website, social media accounts and manage paid advertising on search engines gives businesses a consistent appearance without appearing redundant. Each marketing medium should be targeted toward a specific audience. Professionals are generally best at accomplishing this feat, which, in turn, helps business owners reach their goals.