Does Your House Need More Windows?

15 Jul

adding_new_windowsDo you feel like your home is not open enough? If you would like more sunlight inside your home, adding more windows is a great option. Windows can really give your home some new energy as they do allow the sunlight to stream inside. They also give you a nice view outside so you can feel connected to nature. While windows are great, there are some things you do need to consider. Adding more windows is an expensive investment, and it does mean you could see changes to your utility bill. Sometimes windows allow air inside the home, which can be frustrating in the winter months when you try to keep your home at a set temperature and additional cold air keeps coming in. If you want to add a window, it is important to hire the right company to install them. Improperly installed windows will cause ventilation problems, and can easily give you a headache with a lot of pests getting in from improperly sealed windows.

Consider the Size

Consult with a professional about the size of window you want. Do you want to create large bay windows or would you prefer to stick with some smaller window options? It helps to have a contractor come to your home and look at the places where you are considering adding windows. They will need to evaluate the structure of your home to let you know if adding a window in that location is a good idea.


Always discuss insulation concerns. Since a window can cause problems for your utilities, you need to select a window that is well-insulated. Talk to the company about the gap between the rough opening in the wall and the new window. You need to make sure this gap is filled with the right amount of insulation so you do have a proper seal. Without proper sealing, you will have problems not only with your heating and cooling costs but also with bugs. Discuss using moisture seals after the insulation is added to give your home additional protection.


While new windows can be great, there is always a safety risk. You need to make sure the windows are safe for children. Certain windows are prone to breaks thanks to kids playing outside. You need to determine if these new windows are in a location that could be frequently hit with rocks and other things.


How much will it cost you to have the windows added to your home? This is definitely something you must consider as the cost can be expensive. Consult with a few different companies to find out what their prices are. The right Doors & Windows in San Jose Company will be able to work with you to bring you a quality window with a fair installation price.