Circumstances That Could Affect Social Security Disability Benefits

10 May

md2If you have recently applied for disability or currently preparing for applying, there are probably many questions going through your mind. One question that is common among applicants is what circumstances can affect one’s Social Security disability benefits.

When you apply for disability, it’s done so with the knowledge that if your condition improves, you will have to go back to work and give up your benefits. In order to determine whether or not you still qualify, a periodic case review is done. Also, if the recipient feels his condition has improved and does not want to be dependent on benefits any longer, he can make the move to go back to work.

As long as an individual is disabled benefits continue. The case review is done based on whether or not the recipient’s condition is expected to prove and the time frame in which the improvement is thought to take place.

Circumstances that Can Stop Benefits

Two circumstances can prompt the Social Security Administration to revoke benefits from a recipient. This happen when a recipient is working at a level that the Administration considers to be substantial based on the established monthly allowable income level for that particular year. If the Administration determines the recipient is no longer disabled, benefits end and the receipt is forced to go back to work.

Special Incentives

The Social Security Administration has special work incentives in place to help a recipient test his ability to return to the work force while still collecting disability benefits. These programs allow the recipient to seek out vocational training and reimburse the recipient for any out-of-pocket cost for equipment that may be necessary for the recipient to use in order for a successful transition back into the workforce.

If you have applied for benefits or have been notified you no longer qualify, contact the experienced attorneys at Myler Disability. The experienced staff can work with you through the application process, if you’re denied benefits, if benefits are taken away or if you want to return to the workforce on your own.