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Finding Help For Your Substance Dependent Child

24 Feb

Finding out that your child has a substance abuse problem is one of the most horrific things you can discover. You can see the signs, you know they’re there, but you ignore them, thinking, “It can’t be my child. He wouldn’t do anything like that.” Then you discover the terrible truth. You should know that […]

Taking Care of Your Sick Children

7 Feb

When a child falls ill, most parents run into panic mode. A good number use medication they keep at home. Very few parents are trained medics or nurses. In most cases, you will rely on what you have learnt from friends, family members or your own childhood experience. Viral infections such as flu and colds […]

Lasik and Contact Implants

11 Jan

Lasik, or laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, is an operation performed on the eye to treat refractive errors. These are errors in how well the eye focuses and can include nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. Before Lasik was developed, ophthalmologists actually used to take the cornea out of the eye, freeze it, reshape it and replace it. This […]

Some Methods People Use To Whiten Their Teeth

12 Nov

More than ever, people concern themselves about the way they appear to others. This is especially important when looking for a spouse, or going on job interviews. The competition in both areas is fierce, and people want to look their best. One area that people pride themselves is having a dazzling smile. One aspect of […]

Proper Brushing and Flossing Techniques

1 Nov


In order to prevent tooth decay, gum disease and to contribute to your overall health it is important to correctly brush and floss your teeth.   It’s recommended that you brush at least two times a day once in the morning and again in the evening just before you go to bed. If you can […]

Help with Medical Bills

18 Oct

Finding help with medical bills is rarely a laughing matter especially with how ridiculously high medical bills can get. This is why finding great Chicago medical assistance is so important to those living in the great city of Chicago. Medical assistance comes in many different forms and the amount of medical assistance one can get […]