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Summer Clothing and Swimwear Essentials

27 Jan

Summer time is perfect for lounging with friends, spending days outside, and going for a swim. When searching for summer clothing and swimwear, consider the climate of where you live and where you might vacation to. Warmer temperatures often require shorts and tank tops, but sometimes covering up in the warmer weather can also keep […]

How to Make Yourself Look Presentable for a Special Occasion

1 Nov

Let’s face it, no matter if you are young or old, married or single, you want to look presentable when you go out. There are many reasons for wanting to look presentable when you go out. Let’s say you are young and single, you of course want to look good so that you attract the […]

Modest Doesn’t Mean Ugly

9 Oct

Depending on age, build, occupation and several other factors, some women may find themselves rethinking their wardrobe at various stages of their lives. Often, women question the modesty of their particular fashions. Some women may start out in high school wearing short shorts and skirts, small tank tops and tiny sweaters and head into college […]